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What To Do

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men

to do nothing,” Edmund Burke.

If you demand a fair and competent judiciary and care about justice, and the rule of law:

Vote NO! to Paul Onuska’s retention on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, or vote absentee Sept. 26–Nov. 2.

Inform your family, friends, neighbors, and workmates about Onuska’s abuse of his office, and urge them to vote NO to Onuska. Encourage them to come to this website (JudicialTruth.com) to learn the details.

E-mail this website to your friends in San Juan and McKinley Counties. (Usually, this is as simple as clicking on “File,” then clicking on “Send.” Put your friend’s e-mail address in the slot, and click “Send.”)

Make a donation. A political campaign requires advertising, and that requires money. The Committee for Judicial Integrity is registered with the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office as a Political Action Committee, so that it can accept donations. All donations are subject to strict accounting and reporting rules by the Secretary of State. Donations are NOT tax deductible. By law we are required to report the name and occupation of each contributor. Send your contribution to: The Committee for Judicial Integrity, P.O. Box 952, Goliad, Texas 77963, and include your occupation and your address (addresses are not turned over to the Secretary of State, but we want to thank you.) We urge you to do this NOW. The sooner funds are received in a campaign the more effective it is.

C.S.O. Vicky Chavez’s name is chiseled into

the wall at the National Law Enforcement

Memorial, in Washington, D.C. The wall

contains the names of law enforcement officers

killed in the line of duty going back to 1794.

The National Law Enforcement Memorial was

authorized by Congress and dedicated by

President George H.W. Bush in 1991. To see

C.S.O. Chavez’s photo, and to learn more

about the Memorial, go to